100% Pure Honey

Our honey is not processed in any way whatsoever. It is not heat treated, pasteurised, nor is anything added making it completely chemical free. It comes straight from our bee hives and into the jar ensuring the highest of quality.

Amazing flavour

 Our urban bees collect nectar from a huge variety of flowers from gardens and park lands all over the inner city and eastern suburbs of Sydney and produce honey with flavours not seen in commercial or single source bush honeys.

No Blending

As the types of flowers vary with the seasons, so do the flavours of our honey. At Redfern Raw we do not blend our batches of honey so you are able to experience the variety of flavours our bees produce throughout the year.


Free delivery within 3.5km of Redfern

We'd like to make it as easy as possible for you to try our honey so we offer a free delivery service or you can pick-up in Redfern.

Raw Honey and Honeycomb

100% unprocessed pure raw honey and fresh honeycomb cut straight from the frame

Beeswax and other Products

Filtered beeswax for use in a wide range of applications from candle making to hair wax and skin balms and cosmetics.